Melissa Brumback is an Author for the ABA Construction Checklists Book

January 21, 2022

Partner Melissa Dewey Brumback authored the chapter, “Owner-Architect Agreements” in the newly published book Construction Checklists: A Guide to Frequently Encountered Construction Issues, Second Edition by the American Bar Association (ABA).  Additionally, she rewrote and edited another chapter, “Pitfalls of the Architect as Contract Administrator.”  The book, written by members of the ABA Forum on the Construction Industry, serves as a comprehensive tool that includes essential checklists addressing all aspects of a construction law practice.  This is the second published ABA book Melissa has contributed to.  Construction Checklists can be purchased here:

With over 23 years representing construction professionals, Melissa’s experience includes all sizes of projects, from residential disputes to private commercial buildings, hospitals, schools, prisons, and multimillion-dollar public projects.  She is a panel member of the American Arbitration Association in Construction Law, and she frequently lectures to architect, engineer, and other audiences on legal topics relevant to the construction industry.  She also has written extensively on construction issues at an award-winning construction blog