John Nunnally was a guest speaker in CSI podcast

January 20, 2023

John Nunnally joined attorney Shane O’Dell in a recent podcast hosted by Dr. Bill Kanasky, Jr, Litigation Consultant at Courtroom Sciences Inc. (CSI), in another episode of its Litigation Psychology Podcast series.  “New Years’ Resolutions for Managing Litigation” was broadcast on January 9th.  John and Shane talked about current plaintiff tactical patterns; how defense is steering earlier action in litigation as well as the benefits and value of being more proactive.  The lively discussion was flavored with participant’s views on college football playoffs and Super Bowl picks.

Courtroom Sciences, Inc. studies psychology in managing litigation matters.  John Nunnally has defended companies in litigation for more than 30 years and Shane O’Dell is a member partner at Namon, Howell, Smith & Lee in Fort Worth, Texas.

Watch the podcast here:

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