John Nunnally is Guest on CSI Trucking Podcast

May 14, 2020

John Nunnally was interviewed in an episode of The Litigation Psychology Podcast presented by Courtroom Sciences, Inc. (CSI) on the Trucking Industry. John and Dr. Bill Kanasky, Litigation Consultant at CSI, talked about possible post COVID-19 influences on juries as related to trucking companies. John and Bill discussed several factors which might impact juries such as cross-section composition, safety issues and perceptions including evolving favorable attitudes towards trucking companies and drivers who delivered needed goods during COVID shutdowns. John emphasized the importance of conducting mock juries to determine how changing attitudes might play out in future trials.

Courtroom Sciences, Inc. (CSI) studies psychology in managing litigation matters. John is a partner who has defended trucking companies in litigation for more than 27 years.

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