John Nunnally Interviewed for IADC’s Defense Counsel Journal Podcast

July 14, 2021

On July 12, 2021, John Nunnally, discussed the article he co-authored with Bill Kanasky of Courtroom Sciences, Inc. entitled “The Role of Cognitive Fatigue on Witness Performance,” that appeared in IADC’s Defense Counsel Journal (DCJ).  Christopher Parkerson, editor of DCJ, interviewed John about the article for a DCJ podcast that helped elaborate and explain in greater detail the data concerning mental fatigue during depositions and practical steps to offset it.

John Nunnally is a 29-year litigator who defends construction, insurance and trucking company clients most at risk of costly nuclear settlements.  Courtroom Sciences, Inc. is a top US litigation psychology, jury & trial consulting, witness training, and deposition services company based in settlement sciences.

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