John Nunnally featured in FDCC podcast

July 11, 2023

John Nunnally was interviewed by Valerie Kellner for the Federation of Defense and Corporate Counsel’s podcast series, “How FDCC Members Get it Done.”  The series features seasoned defense and in-house counsel members who discuss how they handle their day-to-day work lives, including how they prioritize and organize heading into the day, tackle incoming bombs during the day, and balance against life’s other challenges.

John talked about making the most of the flexibility afforded in his law practice and by constantly monitoring communications on his cell phone, he is able to manage any situation anywhere, at any time, while remaining sensitive and focused on responsiveness.  As a lawyer whose practice includes Trucking and Transportation defense, he specifically explained the critical nature of “Rapid 24/7 Response” when accidents occur. He also related how his strong sense of duty and respect for his profession, clients, and family keeps him in a proactive and productively engaged frame of mind.  Listen to podcast here:  FDCC Speaks on Apple Podcasts

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