Bill Pollock delivers oral arguments to Fourth Circuit Court of Appeals via videoconference

May 26, 2020

Bill Pollock appeared at an oral argument before the United States Fourth Circuit Court of Appeals on May 13, 2020 via videoconference.  Partners Ed Coleman and Amie Sivon assisted Bill in preparing the briefs and mock oral arguments.  Due to Covid-19 concerns, the Court postponed all in-person arguments in May, making this session among one of the initial rounds of cases where the Fourth Circuit utilized remote technology to hear arguments.  All of the judges, court personnel, and counsel, appeared remotely, while still adhering to courtroom decorum and traditional court attire.  Bill reported the technical aspects of the argument session proceeded well and all involved parties adapted comfortably to the new process that is becoming standard procedure for conducting appellate arguments, at least for the immediate future.

State and federal courts, both at the trial and appellate level, are utilizing audio and video conferencing technologies for oral arguments, initial appearances, preliminary hearings and other procedures to keep cases moving in an expeditious manner.  A number of our lawyers have participated in virtual hearings and remote depositions and mediations, and find them to be effective and efficient processes that allow us to continue representing our clients in the best possible manner in the current environment.