Ben Kuhn and Bob Ramseur participated in the RELANC annual meeting

January 29, 2024

Ben Kuhn and Bob Ramseur attended the 14th annual meeting of the Real Estate Lawyers Association of North Carolina (RELANC) held in Beaufort January 26-27, 2024. Bob joined Len Elder, Director of Licensing & Education, and Kristen Fetter, Assistant Director of Regulatory Affairs of the NC Real Estate Commission to present the CLE, “What Attorneys Should Know about the NC Real Estate Commission.” Other CLE’s were presented by Kristy Tarleton, Systems Analyst with the NC Judicial Branch who discussed technical matters related to Odyssey, Drew Foley of Investors Title presented partition legislation, and Skip Stam and colleagues of Stam Law reviewed recent case law updates. Other CLE segments featured representatives from the Secretary of State’s office.

RELANC, a 500+ member nonprofit, is the largest active trade association dedicated to advocation on behalf of real estate attorneys and the property-owning public across North Carolina. Addressing the constant change and evolution of ethical representation and client protection, it is the only real estate-centric trade association with a lobbyist at the NC legislature. Recently, RELANC has focused on areas including e-closings, mechanics lien legislation, cyber fraud, and cyber security, recording fees, NC-SC boundary line matters and fighting the forces of the Unauthorized Practice of Law (UPL).

Ben Kuhn is a founding member of RELANC actively involved in the association. He serves on the board of directors and has been a past president. Bob Ramseur has also been a past president of the organization and serves as member and was former Chair of the North Carolina Real Estate Commission. Both Ben and Bob are highly accomplished real estate lawyers who have been recognized by peers and clients alike for their leadership and significant contributions in the real estate industry.