Title Curative Work

Our lawyers are trusted by one of the largest title insurance companies in the nation to remedy title defects for homeowners and lenders. For more than forty years, our lawyers have assisted clients with disputes involving real estate, including:

  • Boundary line disputes
  • Partition actions
  • Clouds on title
  • Encroachment disputes
  • Nuisance disputes
  • Deed and deed of trust reformations
  • Lease disputes
  • Construction disputes
  • Septic system issues
  • Breach of real estate contract to sell or purchase
  • Earnest money disputes
  • Lien priority disputes

Whether a boundary dispute with a neighbor, a partition action needed in connection with a family member’s estate or reforming a deed or other instrument to accurately reflect the transaction as understood by the parties, our lawyers will work with you and your title insurer, if applicable, to remedy these concerns.