Labor & Employment

Complex and constantly changing laws and regulations make employment matters difficult for many employers to navigate. New, established or expanding companies may face challenges as they confront the obligations and risks that come with the every day demands of running a business. We work with our clients to identify employment issues and avoid litigation and conflict and find practical solutions and strategies that work in the business environment. 

In this advisory role, we assist with such matters as reviewing and drafting personnel policies, contracts, separation agreements and non-competition agreements. We also counsel and advise our clients with respect to disciplinary matters, employee leave issues and employment termination in an effort to prevent potential problems from developing into adversarial situations that may lead to litigation.

Although in our advisory role we seek to assist our clients in resolving issues before litigation becomes necessary, we are experienced in employment litigation and represent clients in state and federal courts, as well as before state and federal agencies including the North Carolina Employment Security Commission and the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission.