Equine Litigation

One of the few law firms in North Carolina with an equine practice group, Ragsdale Liggett stands ready to assist you with any dispute involving an equine. Dottie Burch, the head of the practice group, has years of experience as a lifelong equestrian and as an equine attorney, enabling her to offer targeted legal advice which is relevant and practical in an equine context. 

Whether you have a dispute over the purchase or sale of an equine, treatment of your horse at a boarding facility or by an equine veterinarian or any other dispute where knowledge of the equine industry is helpful, our lawyers can offer you advice which is only available from a qualified equine attorney. 

The equine industry has operated over the years largely on “handshake transactions,” recipes for disagreements as recollections invariably differ when things go wrong. Understanding how to pursue legal remedies in such an unconventional environment is what makes Ragsdale Liggett’s equine lawyers special.