Equine Contracts, Leases & Transactions

One of the few firms in North Carolina with an equine law practice group, Ragsdale Liggett is committed to helping North Carolina equine professionals and private horse owners handle all aspects of their equine business needs. Dottie Burch, head of the Equine Practice Group, is a lifelong equestrian and fully understands the subtleties of the equine industry and its participants.  

Our extensive experience in equine law enables us to prepare any type of contract related to equines, including the following: 

  • Leases of an equine (full or partial)
  • Contracts for sale of an equine
  • Equine boarding agreements
  • Formation of equine business entities (corporations, LLCs, partnerships)
  • Equine donation contract
  • Equine breeding contract
  • Instructor contracts
  • Lesson agreements
  • Liability waivers and releases
  • Horse show forms, agreements, releases, waivers
  • Basic farm agreements, liability waivers, releases
  • Bills of sale
  • Exhibitor agreements
  • Equine co-ownership agreements
  • Equine trade agreement
  • Equine facility lease
  • Equine riding clinic agreement
  • Equine facility purchase and sale contract
  • Equine training agreement
  • Equine trailering agreements, releases, waivers

Likewise we successfully handle equine lease and sale negotiations routinely for our clients.  If a matter involves an equine, our lawyers can assist you. 


      Burch, Dottie