As long as technology continues to advance human communications, litigation will involve increasingly complex and pervasive means of recovering those communications. The legal and business communities have seen the costs of preserving and recovering these communications skyrocket. Thankfully, technology is also providing new ways of complying with discovery requests and lowering these costs. 

Our firm’s litigation team has extensive experience in electronic discovery (“e-discovery”) case management. Led by a team of skilled trial lawyers, we counsel clients nationwide on e-discovery rules governing parties to litigation in North Carolina and federal courts. We also work with cutting edge technology to gather, review and produce documents at the lowest possible cost to our clients. 

Our firm has invested in state of the art litigation software, which provides document processing, data assessment and web-based review all in one platform. For larger cases, we use web based and cloud based systems capable of maintaining and searching massive document collections. We understand the expense associated with large document productions and bring every resource to bear to contain costs to the client. We use teams of existing and contract lawyers to review and produce documents. These lawyers are specially trained in document production and have worked with our firm for years. We also understand that advanced technologies can significantly reduce the cost of e-discovery, and use those technologies to the fullest. 

Although smaller in size that some of our competitors, our firm is highly competitive in the growing e-discovery arena and offers high quality service at competitive rates for our clients.