Contract Review & Drafting

Legal advice is critical when you are entering into a contract for the purchase or sale of real estate.  Our lawyers represent both buyers and sellers of real property in the review and drafting of contracts. Our step-by-step guidance will help you avoid problems throughout the closing process.

We can draft or review any offer you make to ensure that your rights are protected and that your duties under the contract are clearly defined. Our role can be as broad or as limited as you want, so feel free to contact us to discuss our work and fees before you proceed. We can also assist you with negotiating the contract.

If you are selling property, we can help you review the purchase contract, including negotiating its terms. We can assist you throughout the closing process, helping you understand your rights, duties and obligations under the contract. We can prepare all of the documents that you will be required to present at closing, including powers of attorney in the event that you are unable to attend. Our firm can assist you in correcting any title issues or problems that may surface prior to the closing. We can also attend the closing on your behalf and review all of the papers that you will be required to sign.