Construction Litigation

Construction projects are complex. So are the legal issues that can arise from them.

While our construction law team at Ragsdale Liggett knows that best practices can reduce your risk for litigation, we also recognize that no firm or company can be completely protected from a claim. Particularly in today’s economy, more claims are being litigated than ever before.

Our team routinely defends professional engineers, architects, contractors and owners in a variety of negligence and malpractice lawsuits. We also bring select affirmative actions to enforce our client’s business rights. Our services include: 

  • Risk loss management assistance if a potential claim is expected
  • Defense against any claim of malpractice, errors & omissions, or negligence, both in court and in arbitration settings
  • Mediation and alternative dispute resolution assistance
  • Lien filing, perfecting, and litigation associated with lienholder rights
  • Litigation to recoup design fees, lost profit, or other expenses due to breach of contract