Administrative Law

Administrative Litigation refers to representation of citizens and businesses before regulatory bodies and against governmental agencies. Our team helps our clients successfully navigate permitting, licensing and other governmental matters. We also get involved after disputes have arisen between government agencies and our clients, resolving those disputes through negotiation when possible and litigation where necessary.

Recently, a team of Ragsdale Liggett professionals completed the final phase of the case of McCrann v. DHHS, having won the case at the administrative hearing level, in Superior Court, at the Court of Appeals, and finally at the Supreme Court.  The decision in that case “sent shock waves” through the administrative law community, according to one news program. The McCrann decision significantly limited the ability of government to impose arbitrary rules on citizens.

More routinely, our lawyers represent clients before over 30 different government agencies, licensing boards and local governing bodies. Our successes before these decisionmakers have saved our clients millions of dollars and kept projects and businesses operating when threatened with shutdown or crippling penalties by governmental bodies.