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Attorney Amie C. Sivon Appointed to Board of Directors of Code f.a.d. Company

September 11, 2013

Code f.a.d. Company (acronym for film art, dance) is a group of professional artists committed to combining film, visual arts and dance for performances and exhibitions. Central to the company’s purpose is its mission to educate youth and the greater community through performances and workshops in schools, community centers and festivals. The Company offers residency programs and classes to K-12 and university students and performs all across the state. Donations are made to Fractured Atlas, a non-profit 501©(3) organization that serves the dance community.

Amie Sivon was previously a dancer herself. As a litigator, Amie handles both general and complex civil cases. She has extensive trial experience and has effectively practiced before North Carolina’s appellate courts where she successfully raised a constitutional challenge to North Carolina’s process of electing superior court judges.